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Where were you when…

Hi, it’s Pastor Rich and Sandy Marshall, here with you in the re-opening days of Oregon, as we transition from “closed” to “open”.   We have missed being with you. 

You know the question,  “Where were you when … ?”   Like during a big storm, or a sports championship, or an historic national event.  Of all the memorable answers to that question in my family’s life, one event stands out.   Our son, Isaac, turning 40 this week, was born on May 27, 1980, as actual volcanic ash descended from the sky going to and from St. Vincent Hospital in Portland.  Mt. St. Helens was belching forth for the second time, and it came down all over northwest Oregon.  When the question, “Where were you during the Pandemic of 2020?”, comes up in the future, I know the answer you will give.  The answer is I WAS AT HOME.   And now, in many ways, after being closed up in the house for a long time, it’s time to come out. 

Where were you when…? 

The broader question for you and I to consider right now is, “Where were you when it was time to transition from “closed to open”?   Being closed up in your house and cut off from much of what we call normal life has been a spiritual experience, as well as physical confinement.  I’m believing and encouraging that you will continue to be spiritually OPEN as we take steps forward.  Because as disciples of Jesus, we are called, even in this world system, to be people of His Kingdom.  His Kingdom is not of this world, but it is open to this world.   The present sickness and its effect is leading many people to remain closed, and to respond harshly to one another.  But we who believe in Jesus can keep ourselves open:  Open to His voice that guides us, and to His presence that gives us courage and empowers us, while we go out into this closed world.   Are you open for the business of the King?   

But you, beloved,
Building yourselves up on your most holy faith,
Praying in the Holy Spirit,
Keep yourselves in the love of God,
Looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

Jude 20-21

-Pastor Rich Marshall