Stories, thoughts and reflections on the Bible from the WSFC Staff.

Have you ever stopped to imagine what it was like for Jesus on the road to Calvary?

What would it be like to be betrayed and denied by your friends?
Those whom you walked with, ate with and lived life alongside

What would it be like to know you are at death’s door?
To pray so intensely that your sweat was like drops of blood

What would it be like to be harshly accused?
To be mocked, beaten and insulted by your neighbors as you walk through town

What would it be like to be continually demanded to prove yourself?
To be declared innocent by authority but still arrested and surrendered to your enemies

What would it be like to carry your own cross through busy city streets and up a hill?
To walk past those who you love and who are terrified for you

What would it be like to be stripped of your clothing?
To have people dividing your clothes among themselves as a game

What would it feel like to have your enemies spectating your death as entertainment
And then see your mother, family and friends weeping and grieving for you at the same time

What would it be like to be hanging next to criminals?
To feel the tension between one taunting you and one asking for salvation

What would it be like to endure the physical pain of crucifixion?
The nail pierced skin, open wounds, thirst and sour wine

What would it be like experiencing total darkness?
To feel the weight of the sin of all humanity present, past and future

What was it like for Jesus to be hung on a cross as the Savior of the world?
To die so that others can live

And on the third day He rose again!
For you and for me.

So, what is it like for you now, experiencing the gift of Jesus death and resurrection?
The forgiveness, freedom and hope for all eternity

How has He changed you?
The unlimited opportunities for healing and transformation

How has He formed you?
Your heart and mind and strength

How has He walked with you?
Every person has their story

What can you celebrate?
You are fully and deeply loved by God

May you experience new depths of God’s sacrifice and God’s love for you this Easter season.

In Christ,