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What I’m Learning

This last weekend I taught a message called “What I’m Learning.” You can find it, along with all of our previous messages here. I felt like the Lord so significantly stirred my heart in the preparation and preaching of this message, that I wanted to both encourage you to view it (if you haven’t already), AND expound upon the FIVE things I’m learning right now in this weeks Hello Friends.
1.  More than ever, we are socially networked but relationally deficient. 
It’s so important right now to know others and be known by others. Don’t isolate or hide. Don’t wait for someone to check on how you are doing, instead, take the initiative to reach out to someone. If you have yet to get into existing or form a new House Church, then NOW is the TIME to gather with a small group of people for discipleship, prayer and fellowship.
2.  You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and perhaps you have to lose it to really find it.
I told the church months ago “not to waste a crisis.” This last season has hopefully served to clarify what is important for you. Perhaps it has caused you to put a higher value upon relationship, family, God and your faith. Are there other things that need to change in your life?  Your attitude? Your behavior? Your marriage? Your time with Jesus? Why not make those changes NOW! Don’t wait until it’s gone!
3.  The Church scattered is only as good as the church scattered.
Right when we went into “quarantine” I started a teaching series from the Book of Acts to help us see “that the Church has left the building…and it will be better for it.” The early church flourished, and so can we! I honestly think Covid has us in this strange limbo-mode for a while longer (sigh), so we have to keep learning how to “be the church” especially when we can’t “go to church.”
4. I’m more concerned about disunity of the Body of Christ, then of a virus in the body.
That’s not to minimize the impact this global pandemic is having in terms of health and safety, but rather to highlight what may be the enemy’s first and foremost plan:  to divide and conquer the Church of Jesus Christ. Now, we know that Jesus will build his Church, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it (Matthew 16:18). The enemy won’t succeed, however, he sure will TRY. Let’s not give the devil even a foothold in West Salem Foursquare. Join me in being diligent in pursuing and promoting peace and unity!
5.  I have much more to learn, but this I know:  we desperately need Jesus.
We don’t need more religious goods and services. We don’t need more meetings without meaning.
We need Jesus. Period. Full stop. End of sentence.
Do you agree?
Pastor John