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The Value of Blessing

Blessing is an essential, positive condition of favor in which God’s love and purpose grows.

Blessing is an essential, positive condition of favor in which God’s love and purpose grows.  You receive blessing as a promise from the Lord, but you must align your life with Him to enjoy His blessing.  Then you have the privilege of giving blessing to others, especially your wife and family.  Use the faith that Jesus gives you to bless her.  It is up to you to struggle through every obstacle to receive and give blessing.

One of the foundational characters in the Bible is Jacob, the son of Isaac, grandson of Abraham. His story is found in the first book of the Bible, Genesis.  Jacob became the father of 12 sons, and through them the tribes of the nation of Israel.  Jacob, who is also known by the name Israel, is very easy for us to identify with because, as a man, he is both successful and flawed.  We won’t concern ourselves with the flaws so much in this page, rather, point to his best success.  It’s a success that you can have in your life and your marriage.

After years and years of self-centered struggle, Jacob realized that he needed God’s blessing upon his life, his family, and their future.  That’s what you and I need in both our everyday life, and our “big picture”.  Without God’s blessing there just wouldn’t be much point.  Throughout the season of his young manhood, much like you and me, Jacob had to contend for the success that he wanted.  Jacob seemed to be running from God’s purpose. Success in the world came his way after he had run from his stronger brother, Esau, and away from the land of his fathers.  And after eventually getting the better of his uncle up north (although it took 21 years of his life), Jacob gathered all his people and his stuff and was headed back home.

At a place called Bethel, between a rock and a hard place, Jacob realized: “I’d better not go on unless I have God’s blessing.”  He wrestled and wrestled with the Lord and would not quit – until he knew that the Lord would bless his life and his family.  Make no mistake – he had a whole lot of repenting to do, but the blessing of the Lord was received.  The encounter left Jacob with a limp for the rest of his life, but it was worth it.   Jacob received the blessing God had given to Abraham and Isaac.  And it began to mean a whole lot for him to give blessing to others.

Confidence of God’s blessing in your life is what you need.  His blessing will humble you.  When you have taken the time, wrestled in the pursuit, turned to the Lord with your whole heart and mind, and you know with confidence that you have received the favor and blessing of God through Jesus Christ, then you are the man that your wife and family need.  Especially your wife.  When you know you have God’s blessing in your life, you can then give blessing and favor to her.

Here are several ways to do that:   (By the way, if you’re not married, apply all of this to your life now, and to your desired future.)

  1. Quietly look to God’s Word for wisdom and direction.  Read your Bible for a) commands to obey, b) examples to follow, c) promises to believe.   When Jacob “wrestled” with the Lord, he spent the whole night alone.  He didn’t do this while his family was around watching, it wasn’t a religious demonstration for their benefit.  He was sincere and personal about seeking the Lord.  Let me suggest 1 Peter 3:7-12 as foundational Bible passage for us as husbands.
  2. As you pray, boldly speak words blessing to God for your wife.   Bless her in prayer while problems are still unsolved.  There is an unseen spiritual realm and the Lord Jesus gives you the gift of faith to make a difference in that realm, as well as in the physical world.  Speak your love and blessing upon your wife as you pray.  Declare her beauty and claim her soul for God’s Kingdom.
  3. Regularly tell her that she is a gift and a blessing to you.  Honor your bride with spoken words of blessing.  You can also communicate your words of blessing in an unexpected card, with or without flowers, etc.  It doesn’t have to be a big expense.  Be a thankful man.  She is hopeful every day that you will rise as her hero.

Looking forward to stories of victory in your life.


Pastor Rich

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