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Hello Friends,

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust corrupt and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven… for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Observation: “not for yourselves.” Jesus commands that I not lay up for myself treasures on earth. He doesn’t say “there’s no treasure for you.” He says no laying up “for myself” treasures on earth. Why? Because from the perspective of real value, the eternal perspective that only Jesus can provide, treasure-for-self is a futile pursuit. Inevitably, treasure for myself is either lost as I live, or lost as I die.

  • Natural forces conspire to corrode my treasure.
  • Nasty humans scheme to steal my treasure.
  • Treasure takes my limited time and never returns it.
  • Treasure demands selfish ways as my normal way of living.

But wait … Jesus doesn’t say – there is no treasure on earth. There is eternal treasure to be found on earth. Jesus talks about treasure and value in a number of other places. He came to this earth, the Son of God became man, in order to unearth and rightly redeem the treasure that can be “laid up,” deposited in Heaven.

Treasure on earth is what the kings of this earth seek. Kings (or whatever their office and title may be) establish and advance their kingdoms 1) to increase treasure (land, gold, industry, trade, laws, language, science, art, etc.);  2) to gain strength; and 3) to gain control over others. The treasure hunt of men is accomplished through the primary activity of subjecting people to their claim of authority, and using people to gain treasure. To those who lay up for themselves treasure on earth, people are tools used to capture treasure, and are then cast away.

Heaven seeks a treasure. The value of that treasure must indeed be fabulous, if we take into account the extraordinary – truly, unfathomable – expense to which the King of Heaven has put Himself in order to acquire the treasure He seeks on earth. What does Heaven seek on earth? What treasure does Jesus command you and me to lay up for ourselves in Heaven?  For what treasure did He spill out and expend His beautiful, sinless life?

How foolish are the powerful men, the kings of this world? Completely foolish are the values of those who set their hearts and spend their souls to acquire the treasures which they cannot keep. But the treasure sought by the King of Heaven, that which He values most in this world, are the very rough-hewn, flawed and sinful souls of men and women, boys and girls; that which men cast away, God, in His love, has come to redeem and collect.

And so He sends us, those whom He has already collected like nuggets from the sluice box, the miner’s pan; sends us to love and to value human souls as He does – looking past the earthly shell to envision the value that far exceeds all the passing value of every earthly treasure. So it is, then, that all you can attain and all that you can influence of the things, the money, the time and the people of this world – you are to redirect and divert into the purpose of “the treasure hunt.” Invest your all so that more men and women, boys and girls may be brought to believe Jesus and follow Him. Who will be your treasure this year?

Seeking souls with the King,

Pastor Rich

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