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The Most Wonderful Day

I love the special days.

In the forty-six years since, at 17, I received the mercy and forgiveness of my Lord Jesus, I have never for even a moment regretted believing in Him.  The day I first believed was a wonderful day. Since then, His Word has given meaning and direction to my life. His Holy Spirit guides, corrects, and powers my faith.  His promises have given confidence and hope to my future. His love secures my soul. In fact, everything that I truly need in this life I have discovered and received by following Jesus.

It would take another lifetime to tell about all the wonderful work of the Lord in my life, day by day. Suffice it to say that the special days and special people form a memorable line right up to today.

Last Sunday, Easter Sunday 2017, was a wonderful day. Consistently, on Easter weekend for the past several years, our little hilltop community church gathers and swells to around twice the usual attendance. A normal week’s attendance is amazing enough. Our West Salem family seems to be a magnet for many in our community on special days. I greeted people whom I haven’t seen for several years. I met people who were excited to be here for the first time. I saw 55 individuals respond with a raised hand at the invitation to receive the Savior into their own souls. Rejoice and pray for them. The worship was inspiring and the message was pure Good News. As perfect an Easter Sunday as I have ever experienced. It was all wonderfully amazing.

And don’t you just love that all of this, and infinitely more, is built on the most wonderful day, the day of days in all of history? Jesus, God manifest in flesh, the Lamb of God, gave His life for ours and conquered death by His resurrection. On that day came the culmination, the pinnacle, the glorious apex of the love of God. The merciful ransom was fully paid. The way of grace is opened so that by believing in Him we are made new, a new creation in Him. Resurrection Day is truly the most wonderful day.

I’m so glad that we had a glorious Easter together this year.
Loving Him and serving you,

Pastor Rich Marshall