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The Heart Prompt of WSFC Build

This last weekend we kicked off our WSFC Build Capital Campaign. Thank you to all that gave and pledged to give over the next three months. We are grateful for you!
If you missed this weekend, or are waiting to contribute, then please know how much we need you!  Each and every gift is important, regardless of size.
If every person, young and old, were to prayerfully “do whatever He (Jesus) tells you” regarding this project, then we would be more than able to get the work done.
You may have been out of the loop, and not even know what “work” we’re proposing. We’re excited to be able to add a 2nd floor to our spacious lobby and maximize the existing, unused square footage. We will create two new classrooms, and another large meeting space primarily for our young people. They need their own space to Encounter Jesus!  You can view drawings, 3D renderings, our financial goals, and other projects we’re proposing at  There you will also find a link to easily and securely give to this exciting project.
As your pastor, I encourage you to partner with us. Thank you in advance.
Grace & Peace,
P.S.  A couple of days ago I read Exodus 25 in our Pause Bible Reading Plan and a few things challenged me. The Lord told Moses to tell the children of Israel to “bring Me an offering…you are to receive the offering for Me from everyone whose heart prompts them to give.” What I noticed in vs. 1-8 is that people RESPONDED and brought a VARIETY of gifts.
Loved ones, remember that it’s not about all of us bringing the same gifts or amounts. Allow the LORD to prompt your heart in a variety of ways!