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Hello Friends,

I am writing to you from yet another airport that I have been sitting in this week. It’s late Wednesday evening (you’ll most likely read this on Thursday) and the airport is pretty much empty. It was basically me and three other people coming through security, which makes me wish I hadn’t arrived here so stinking early, but also happy that I may be able to stretch out on the flight!

So here I sit…and think.

I’m thinking about Denise.

I’m thinking about my kids and grand baby.

I’m thinking about the week ahead.

I’m thinking about Jesus.

And, I’m thinking about his Church.

It’s amazing to think that Jesus left this earth with a mission for the Church to be about. It’s called The Great Commission, which literally means that we are on a Co-Mission with Christ. We are partnering with him, through the infilling of the Holy Spirit, to accomplish the purposes of God.

God wills that every person be saved. That’s a pretty big deal to the Father. God is the one who saves, but he uses you and I to be his ambassadors. We are his hands and feet.

What an honor. What a privilege. What a joy and blessing to be the Church on mission with Christ.

Won’t you join me?

Pastor John