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The Goal of WSFC Build

This week, again on the subject of our proposed WSFC Build project, let me ask a question that only you can answer…

Do you value the goal of this WSFC Build project? 

It’s not a question about the cost of the project, (I’ll get to that in a minute) but rather, it’s a question about the goal of the project.  How much do you value THE GOAL?  The goal is more and better disciples of Jesus.  The project will improve our facility to better reach that goal.

Recently, I responded to a request from our national church office for a report about how we pursue our goals here at WSFC.  One of the major questions was, “How much did you spend in 2017 in the effort to disciple the people of your local church?”   To me, that question was like the story of President Kennedy visiting NASA in 1962.   The President, with his huge entourage, touring the space program, encountered a man in coveralls with a custodian’s cart in a long hallway.  Kennedy paused to meet this man, saw his name patch on his coveralls, and asked, “Jim, what’s your job here at NASA?”  The man stood tall, broom in hand, and answered, “Mr. President, I’m helping to put a man on the moon.” 

Jim’s attitude toward his work revealed how much he valued the goal of the project.  With Jim’s help, yes – even the help of a janitor, we did put men on the moon, just as President Kennedy had envisioned. 

I answered the question about how much we spend on making disciples by putting down the entire amount of our expenses for the year, because everything we do is for the purpose of making more and better disciples of Jesus.  That’s our goal.  And that’s the goal of the WSFC Build project.  We’re ALL-IN for that goal – more souls, a stronger family, and a better future. 

Every project, every ministry, every goal is reached by the commitment of individuals like you and I reaching down deep to count the cost and reach the goal.  We give individually, encouraging one another; but when we reach a goal we reach it together. 

Now I want to ask you:  What do you really want to give? 

A special offering and pledge time for WSFC Build begins this Sunday, March 4.  The old standard will probably apply in this case:  Twenty percent of the people carry eighty percent of the load, while the other eighty percent of the people carry twenty percent of the load.  Each as he or she is willing to provide.  Will you do the very best you can do? 

We will rejoice at the finish line if you and I really give the inspired amount that we truly want to give —  the “I’m helping put people’s souls into heaven” gift.  Forget the moon!  We are talking about real life in Jesus Christ!  Yours may be gift for which you go into resources you’ve been planning for many years.  Or, yours may be a gift for which you will sacrifice other expenses for months to come.  Whatever you are inspired by the Lord to do, do it with all your heart, as worship to the God with the goal in view.  I’ll look for you this Sunday morning. 

On the way to the finish line with you,

Pastor Rich Marshall
Senior Associate Pastor