Stories, thoughts and reflections on the Bible from the WSFC Staff.

The Bible is Truth


I picked my son up from his first day of 1st grade.  The excitement of seeing old friends, new teachers and his new classroom were mixed with the exhaustion of all the mental and physical stimulus that the start of a school year brings – coupled with the fact that we just flew in from Nebraska the night before.


For the next twelve or more years, he will be a professional learner.  And each new fact will help shape his view on the world around him, the people he encounters and the way he interacts with them.


You and I are learners as well.  The Bible calls us disciples (fancy word for learners).   And each new thing we take in as truth (regardless of whether God deems is true) also shapes the way we view the world around us, the people we encounter and the way we interact with them.


We must daily hold up what we believe to the truth of the Bible.  Why?  Because our perspective and our hearts can lie to us.  News outlets can lie to us.  Circumstances may only tell one side of the story.  And (I know this is shocking) but social media can lie to us.  But the Bible is Truth and will not lie to us – it is truth that should shape how we act and how we live.


But as we read our Bibles, here are a few questions to ask:

  • How does what I’m reading grow my understanding of God – His character, His motives, and His desires?
  • How is what I’m reading challenging me to live different today?
  • Can I find Jesus responding the way I would in something I’m facing today?  If not, how would He respond?
  • Can what I’m learning be seen throughout the whole of Scripture or should I take more time to interpret it?


We never stopped becoming learners – even if we haven’t stepped foot in a classroom in years.  But let’s continue to allow the Bible to be the source of our truth, the discerner of cultural lies and the guide to how to respond to the world around us.


As we do, our love will grow.  And then people will know we are disciples of Jesus.

Pastor Cris Buck