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Take A Break

Hello Friends,

This week is kinda the unofficial kick-off to summer for most folks. The weather has been awesome. Kids are sleeping in. No need to pack school lunches or make late night runs to Walgreens for poster board projects (anyone else have to do this?).

It’s sum, sum, summertime.

So, relax. Breathe deep. Love well.

If you’re able:  take a break.

But…don’t take a break from Jesus.

All too often, Christians can establish poor patterns with the Lord. Sometimes travel, vacation, or just simply getting off of a regular schedule, can sidetrack you from Jesus, the Word of God, worshiping together, and other important things for your spiritual life and vitality.

Don’t let that happen to you!

I encourage you to stay locked into our PAUSE Bible Plan and regularly interact with God and His Word.

I encourage you to stay locked into consistent church attendance.

I encourage you to stay locked into serving, giving and loving others.

I encourage you to stay locked into Jesus. Believe me when I say:  He is locked into YOU!

Many blessings on your summer,

Pastor John