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Hello Friends,      


Matthew 8:1 ~ “When He had come down from the mountain great multitudes followed Him…”

It’s a simple description of the Christian life.  The most basic factor for you and me is to follow Jesus.  It’s not a great mystery.  Follow Him.  Jesus started His first followers with this easy to understand invitation ~ “Follow Me”.

One of the best things you discover when you follow Him is that, like you, there are many others getting closer to Jesus.  When you follow Him you find that He guides you and speaks to you.  When you follow Him together with others who are trusting Him, you find that, in the presence of the Lord Jesus, love grows between you.  We love Him and we love one another.

There’s a Greek word those of us who follow Jesus together.  The word is “ecclesia”, which means “the called ones”.  He calls each of us.  You and several hundred others are reading this today because each of us have answered, “Yes, Lord!  I will follow You.”  And Jesus always guides us to follow Him together so that He could build us into His strong spiritual house.  We are more and better believers together.

A great summer together is starting now.  I love the way that, together we have been growing in prayer and worship in recent months at West Salem.  Prayers are being answered, people responding to the call to follow Jesus, courage to believe is rising in many.  Just this week I’ve seen these things:  I’ve seen a young father grow tall on his knees in repentance.  I’ve seen a good sister declared healed by the surgeon just as he was set to operate.  I’ve seen another person’s humble courage to accept a trial of faith that will build Jesus’ character in him, even though the changes will be tough.  The Word directs us to grow together and exhort each other to love and good works.  These things happen, not just because we believe the same things, but because we get together and walk with Him in real life.  It’s Jesus’ way.  Follow Him and you’ll see, too.

Summer’s not the time to drift apart.  Summer’s the time to get together.  Come just as you are, bring your needs, bring your heart.  At West Salem there are people who will love you.

Following Jesus with you,

Pastor Rich