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Sorting, Syncing & Rebooting

Hello Friends,

A handful of days ago I was sitting at a local coffee shop on my day off. I had all my pieces of technology with me and my goal for my time was to do some reading as well as spend some moments aligning things such as my calendar, computer files, notes, random thoughts and such. What began with the simple moving of documents and deleting of files moved into a three-step process that I want to highlight and then make some points of application regarding our spiritual lives.

Step One: Sorting

Step Two: Syncing


Step Three: Rebooting

At first, I was only sorting files and documents, moving them into folders, cleaning up my virtual desktop and throwing away junk. This was a simple enough process. It’s reflective of times in which we need to do some regular maintenance within our hearts by allowing the Lord to sort out areas that are out of alignment with His precepts. This should happen on a regular basis in order to keep our relationship with Jesus daily and devoted.

Secondly, I found it necessary to sync up all my hardware. It became clear to me that the sorting being done on my laptop now needed to be reflected in my other tools and toys (ie: iPhone & iPad). So, I plugged them into my laptop and went through the process known as “syncing.” This takes some time as well, and serves to bring even further alignment to various items. In a similar fashion, there are multiple aspects to our lives (ie: work, family, school, recreation, relationships, church, etc) that need to be synced up according to the life and mission of Jesus. This brings about consistency and clarification.

Lastly, while I was at the coffee shop, I needed to do a full reboot of my computer. Because of the paces I was putting it through it was slowing down considerably (I know, that’s odd for a Mac!). So I restarted my computer…which, by the way, should be done on a regular basis.

Here’s why…When a computer is rebooted, it is like one big tidying up, refilling project. You know those days when you really clean up your office, file a bunch of paperwork, and throw away old, irrelevant stuff? Well, that’s what happens when your computer (or smartphone) is rebooted. Rogue files go home. Obsolete bits and bites are trashed. The same is true of our lives. Our hearts often need some good ‘ol rebooting. Like David said, “See if there be any wicked way in me, cleanse me and lead me in the way that is everlasting” (in a nutshell: Lord, reboot me.).

Sort? Sure.
Sync up? Yep.
Reboot? Yes and Amen.

All are helpful in keeping us aligned to Jesus.

Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch in their book ReJesus speak to this: “The church’s mission as well as its experience of community can be revitalized only by a renewed encounter with Jesus as Lord. And this is not something casual and intermittent. It requires a constant attention to the Lord of the church. Think of it like a form of re-calibration. When a machine gets jammed, the only way to kick-start it is to reset it to its original formulation. It’s like a computer. When things go haywire and all else fails, we reboot it. By rebooting a computer, we restore its original operational settings, thus allowing it to function properly again. The software is back in sync with the hardware again. This is precisely the image that we wish to convey–that by rebooting the church to Jesus, it will recover itself and become fully operational again.”


Pastor John

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