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Hello Friends,

Life happens in small groups

It is easy to get lost in the crowd, in the world of instant messaging and social media one can feel isolated an alone. However life is not meant to be lived alone, God never intended for us to be alone. He created for Adam, Eve so that they could do life together. The trinity itself of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is a representative of a small group. God loves small groups. Jesus had a group of twelve guys he called out; he spent time with them, taught them and prepared them to carry out the great commission of making disciples.

That is our mission as a church, to Make More and Maturing Disciples!
This can be done in small groups. They are the perfect place to grow deeper in our walk with the Lord, through reading the Bible and doing life together. They are also a great place for someone to hear the good news and to see the love of Jesus played out in real time.

Small groups are:

Small groups at WSFC just simply a group of people with one common interest, growing in their walk with Jesus.

A place where people are cared for, where physical and emotional needs can be met.

The positive impact that small groups can have on a persons lives is undeniable. They can result in life long friendships.

Real connections happen in small groups. It is sometimes difficult to make meaningful connections at a weekend service and so small groups play a crucial roll in that process. Real relationships develop in smaller settings.

If you have yet to get connected to a small group, now is the time, small groups will be launching September 27 with our Fall sermon series, “Aliens and Strangers”. Look for the small group table in the lobby to find out more information or visit the small group page on our website for a list of small groups.

-Seth Baker
Small Groups Pastor