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This week’s blog post comes from our new Lead Children’s Pastor, Brittany!

Living in the “Amusement Park Capital” of the U.S. (Orlando, FL) and then the actual capital of the U.S. (Maryland/Washington DC area), I am no stranger to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Someone was always in a hurry and there was always a crowd of people trying to be the first in line. Though the busyness and the crowds could be exhilarating and add so much excitement, it could be, and most often was, quite exhausting. Add in 2 toddlers to the mix and some days it just felt like we started running and didn’t stop till bedtime. 

Coming to Oregon, one of the first things my husband Clay and I noticed was how slow-moving everything is. From the drivers on the road to the cashiers at the grocery store, no one seems to be in any particular hurry. That’s not to say there isn’t the occasional speed racer, but our general experience is that everyone seems to move at a very comfortable pace. 

I will admit that at first, I found it a little frustrating and generally confusing that I was always the one standing there tapping my foot waiting for the line to move. But it didn’t take long to adjust and realize that I truly had no reason to rush. When the culture around you is in no hurry, it makes you take a step back and wonder why YOU are the only one. I started to feel like a “Martha” in a city full of “Marys”

So as we adjusted our expectations and started to settle into a life that wasn’t so much about getting to the next thing, but enjoying what we are doing right now, I started to appreciate so many things I had truly never seen before. I started to notice the beautiful views that surround this city and the colors of the leaves as fall came and the tiny flowers that are starting to bloom in the last few weeks now that Spring is here. And all I can think is “what have I been missing?”.

There is absolutely nothing profound about this revelation as I am sure many of you notice these things every day. But in case you have forgotten to stop and take a look lately. In case you are in the throes of toddler meltdowns or spring sports and activities. Or in case you’re having a really busy season with work, slow down. Take in what is around you. And not just the views but the people too. Notice the kind and happy people ready to greet you first thing in the morning (I’m looking at you Dutch Bros), and the sweet and patient people who are willing to help you find something. Personally, slowing down also allows me to stop and offer assistance to someone in need or to take more time to get to know someone new. You will be amazed at not only what a difference it makes to others but truly for yourself as well.

So that’s my encouragement for you this week, stop and take in all that’s around you as if it were your first time seeing it. As I write this on a very rare sunny day, I can truly say that this view, the people I get to meet each day, my family and my friends make me want to continue to be a Mary in a world of Marthas.

-Brittany Dunklin