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Shouldn’t we all be poets like David?

Hello Friends,

Have you ever read one of the Psalms? How about two or three of them in row? What if you were to sit down and read all of the Psalms in one sitting? I think you would discover something interesting about the Psalms, especially those written by David.

The Psalms of David are like a huge roller coaster ride. If I didn’t know better, I could surmise that David had multiple personalities. So many of David’s Psalms appear to be snapshots of his current mood. If you go online today to check the weather in Palm Springs or downtown Buffalo you’ll find quite a variance. We wonder if we’ll discover David to be a balmy 76 degrees with a southwesterly breeze or is he gonna be a frigid cold-front coming out of the east?

That’s the beauty (and the beast) of this poet.

Ah, poetry.

Isn’t that what the Psalms are anyway? They are 150 passionate songs expressing pain, happiness, frustration, fears, joy and discouragement. If a poet is worth his or her salt, the reader better be able to feel emotion of some sort.

I guess the very thing I love about David is what bugs me about him as well: he’s transparent. He’s vulnerable. He’s real. He’s emotional and tends to wear it all on his sleeve!

Shouldn’t we all be poets like David? How transparent are we being before our God and others? If you were to sit down right now and write out a few lines (they don’t have to rhyme!), what would they say? How honest would you be?


Pastor John

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What if you were to sit down and read all of the Psalms in one sitting?

What if you were to read one each day?

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