Stories, thoughts and reflections on the Bible from the WSFC Staff.

Our senses are our ability to perceive things.

Think on this for a moment. What is the difference between taking of a bite of something and really tasting it? Between taking a breath and really breathing deep? Is there a difference between looking at something and really seeing it or between hearing something and really listening? And what about the difference between touching something and really feeling it?

Sometimes our physical senses get dull because of sickness, exhaustion, busyness or apathy. The things we used to enjoy no longer seem appealing. We long to see, taste, hear and feel in ways we used to but because of the world’s wearing, we can’t or don’t. We’ve lost the sharpness of our senses.

I think the same can be true in our spiritual life. We can find our spiritual senses becoming dull. Over time we can become less aware of the presence of God and begin to do things out of duty, eventually leaving us feeling disconnected from God. The way we felt when we first met the Lord seems more like a nice memory rather than a familiar sense of God’s presence in our lives.

So how do we keep our senses attuned to the things of God? We pursue God and draw near to Him.

There is a beautiful invitation and promise in James 4:8 which says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” God invites us to come close to him so he can heal us and breathe life into our hearts, minds and spirits.

When we receive God’s invitation and allow Him to come near to us, significant things happen. We tend to hear His voice more clearly, we see Him moving and working in our lives more readily. We sense His presence as He refines our palette to taste and see of His goodness.

Have you taken the time today to pursue God? Do you recognize His pull on your heart to draw near? He is inviting you closer so you can sense His many attributes more fully. He’s inviting you into deeper experiences of His love. Will you accept?

Please join me this week in prayer that the Lord would sharpen our senses as we draw near to Him:

“Lord, thank you for your caring heart toward me. There is no rival for your love and presence in my life. Nothing the world offers me can compare to the fullness of life in you. Lord, I want to know you more. Would you open my eyes to what you would have me to see this week? Would you tune my ear to your heart that I might hear your voice so clearly above all others? Would you make me aware of your presence in my circumstances? Would you refine my palette to sense the things of you? I will give you all the glory, Lord.”

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Pursuing Christ With You,