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Church: Formed For Community Part 2

Pastor Cris continues on in our current series.

Church: Formed For Community Part 1

Pastor John starts our new series.

Parables: Finale

Pastor John wraps up our Parables series.

Parables: Prodigal Son

Pastor Jordan talks about the parable of the prodigal son.

Parables: The Persistent Widow

Pastor Denise shares a message on the persistent widow from the book of Luke.

Parables: The Cost Of Discipleship

Pastor John speaks from the heart regarding the cost of discipleship.

Parables: The Great Banquet

Pastor John talks about the parable The Great Banquet.

Parables: Luke 14:1-11

Pastor Rich shares a message from his heart.

Parables: Luke 13:6-9

Join us as Pastor John continues in our series: Parables.

Psalm 40

Pastor John shares a word from Psalm 40.

Parables: Mustard Seed And Yeast

Pastor John continues our Parables series and preaches from Luke 13:18-21.

Parables: Prayer

Pastor John continues in our Parables series and talks about the importance of prayer.