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Hello Friends,

This morning I was reading from our PAUSE Bible Reading Plan. One of the passages was Proverbs 18 and I underlined vs. 10. Here it is:

“The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.”
When I was growing up in Wisconsin we would often have tornadoes. As a kid I both loved and hated tornadoes. I hated them because my Mom and Dad would describe to me the kind of damage that they can and will do. They would show me and my brother pictures of whole towns leveled, homes destroyed and cows flying through the air (okay, that last part was from the movies). This all seemed so distant and disconnected from our life, until…

One year we had a big one blow through.

The tornado uprooted our little chicken coop. It also destroyed our shed where we were raising rabbits – lots of them (you’ve heard that they breed, like, well…rabbits). When the weather cleared, we went outside and found rabbits and chickens scrambling all over the yard (and a number of them dead). Their homes were nowhere to be found. Actually, they were “somewhere” to be found, cause we discovered the roof of the chicken coop about a 1/2 mile away out in the middle of the corn field!

I now believed my parents. I had a new set of images to draw from in regard to the damage that a tornado could do, because it did it to US…and our chickens and rabbits.

And, that leads me to mentioning one odd reason why I also LOVED tornadoes. Whenever the news would alert us to pending danger, we would all hustle into the basement and “get under the pool table.” I’ve spent many an hour under our ‘ol pool table. And, my brother and I have established many a “Fehlen Fort” under there as well.

Catch this…

The name of the Lord is like a pool table fort during a mid-western tornado.

I know, I took a bit of liberty with the text, but go with me!

We often don’t know the strength and value of God, and our desperate need to run to Him, until our world is blowing hard and the chicken coops of our soul are being ripped and tossed a 1/2 mile away. It’s not until we experience rough seasons in life that we really understand the safety found in the presence of our God.

Run to Him.

Hide in Him.

He is a Fortified Tower. He is a Pool Table Fort.

In Him we are Safe and Sound.