Stories, thoughts and reflections on the Bible from the WSFC Staff.


This past weekend Pastor John paraphrased David in 1 Chronicles 21:24, saying “I will not sacrifice something to my God that costs me nothing.” And as I started to think about this concept it dawned on me — sacrifice really isn’t sacrifice unless it costs you something, right? But, what is so interesting is that I constantly find my self wanting to give up things to God that mean very little, or have no real cost to me. I remember in middle school or high school joking around with my friends around Lent (the traditional time of fasting before Easter) and saying that I would give up homework, or doing my chores, or something that would really just make my life easier. It’s sad, but I still find myself doing the same thing in different areas of my life. I keep finding the easy sacrifices. So what does it really look like to give something to God?

In Romans 12:1 Paul says to offer our bodies as living sacrifices. This seems a little radical, but I think I see what he is getting at. We’re supposed to give more and more of our everyday life to Him.  Today I’m challenged to give him a little more of my time each day. To give him more of my attention each day. To make sure that I am focused more on what He is wanting to do, rather than what I want to do.

Here’s to giving Him a little more each day,

Pastor Katie