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What Is God’s Will For My Life: Part 1

Pastor John looks at an age old question in this new sermon series.

Jesus Is King

What does it mean to allow Jesus to be king in your life? Pastor John shares a timely message.

Stand Firm + Hold Fast

Pastor John shares an important message.

5 For 5

We hear from 5 different people about how they are encountering Jesus in this season.

Encounter Jesus : Week 4

Pastor John talks about encountering Jesus through living a life of servanthood.

Encounter Jesus: Week 3

Pastor John looks at what it means to find our identity in Christ.

Encounter Jesus: Week 2

Pastor John continues in our series: Encounter Jesus.

Encounter Jesus: Week 1

Pastor John kicks off our new series: Encounter Jesus.

Add To Your Faith: Part 8

Pastor John wraps up our series Add To Your Faith and talks about love.

Add To Your Faith: Part 7

Jordan Fehlen shares a Special message.

Add To Your Faith: Part 6

Special guest Tim Clark, Lead Pastor of The Church On The Way shares an important and timely message.

Add To Your Faith: Part 5

Pastor John continues in our current series and takes a look at perseverance.