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That We Would See Jesus

Pastor John starts our new series with a word from Luke.

Daily Worship

A timely message from Tim Clark, Lead Pastor of The Church On The Way Van Nuys. Pastor Tims talks about developing a daily worship habit and how impactful that could be for our lives.


Pastor John concludes our Advent series on Christmas Eve by talking about the peace we receive through Jesus.


Pastor John continues in our Christmas series revolving around Advent. This week we look at love.


John starts our new Christmas series and focuses in on the hope that we have in Jesus.

Jesus. Keep Your Focus On Jesus

Pastor John looks at a passage from Galatians 6 in which Paul talks about boasting only in the cross of Christ. He takes a closer look at what the cross truly means for us.

Jesus. How To Restore The Fallen

Have you ever seen someone get caught up in sin? We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory God. Pastor John continues with our series in Galatians and looks at what it means to restore someone gently who has fallen in sin.

New Life

Guest speaker Pastor AJ Swoboda talks about how we have made it a bit too easy to follow Christ and how Jesus doesn’t want too make your life easier, He wants to give you a brand new life in and through Him.

Jesus. Balancing The Pendulum

Pastor Cris talks about the balance between faith, love and grace in our lives.

Jesus. A Tale Of Two Covenants

Pastor John looks at a passage in Galatians were Paul talks about Sarah and Hagar and how that story correlates to us today.

Jesus. Adoption & Sonship

Pastor John talks about God’s loving heart to adopt us and bring us into His kingdom.

Hidden In The House

Guest speaker Gregg Johnson shares a powerful message.