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After Doubt

Pastor & Author AJ Swoboda delivers a heartfelt message.

Lives Like Jesus

The third part of Pastor John’s disciple series, part 3 looks at what we need to do to live like Jesus.

Learns From Jesus

Pastor John takes us into the second part of his Disciple series.

Listens To Jesus

Pastor John starts a brand new series on what it looks like to follow Jesus.

Help Me To See

Pastor Kristin dives into the word and shares an important message.


Pastor Jonathan shares a message from his heart.


Pastor Rich Marshall shares an important message.

Blessed To Bless

Jordan Fehlen brings a message from Luke chapter 4.

Grow Or Go

Pastor John shares a message from his heart.

5 Stones

Pastor Cris shares an important message.

Pause 2021

Pastor John looks at what it could look like to pause at the beginning of this new year.

2021 Practices

Pastor Jonathan looks at some good spiritual practices to take on in 2021.