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Our Relationship with God

I sat with an old friend over lunch the other day that I hadn’t seen in several years.  We met in grade school, were good friends in high school and roommates in college and eventually she became my closest confidant.  Then we graduated and life took off at a rapid pace.  We started working full time jobs, got married and started families.  At first we sent a card or a letter (remember those?) in the mail once a month, then an email every couple of few weeks, maybe a phone call or text now and again.  Soon, our conversations became less frequent, every six months, once a year, never.  We knew we could reconnect at any moment but we just didn’t and our friendship became more distant.  Two weeks ago at lunch our time was spent in rich conversation as we listened to and shared stories about joys and hard things in our lives.  What I noticed about our time together was how quickly we connected back to something we had lost for awhile:  deep friendship.


Like any relationship, communication results in growth.  Lack of communication, stagnancy.  I think the same is true with God.  On the days we have significant talks with God, our relationship grows.  On the days with little or no conversation, our relationship becomes distant.


What do you talk about if you want to express love to God?  Anything you’d talk to your best friend about-  the things you’re proud of, your fears, your dreams, your anxieties, your hurts, your cares, the things that keep you up at night – all the pieces of your life.  How do we do that?  Through prayer.


Psalm 116:1-2 (NLT)
“I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy.  Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!”


Psalm 116:1-2 is a beautiful picture of a God who lovingly waits to have a conversation with us.  Is your relationship with God feeling routine, dull or joyless?  Start talking to God again.  Prayer grounds us and helps us not feel so alone in the world.  It reminds us of God’s love and power.  It’s a place where the things that make us feel unsettled can find a place to rest.  It’s how we grow a deep friendship with God.


Spend a few minutes in prayer today and let the act remind you of who God is and what he does in our lives.


Many Blessings,

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  1. Felix Gonzales on November 5, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    A Quick and Simple Prayer
    4 November 2015

    A quick and simple prayer is all that I can do
    Simply quick because it is how long I have for you
    Just a note to follow up the healing that’s begun
    Please find some time to get it finished, finally done

    If it is not your timing, well there now we’ll disagree
    It’s time, dear Lord I asked before, almost been a week
    Pain returned, doctors are perplexed and seem dismayed
    So give another try, but heal harder so it stays

    One more time is what I’m asking, a chance for your redemption
    I wish I had more time but there is simply no exemption
    This needs to happen, make it so, my faith is here… are you?
    Wait a minute… can you hold? Another call is coming through…

    OK I’m back and ready now, to have this conversation
    Discussing my due benefits within our organization
    That reminds me… if we can get the healing finalized
    I’d like to take a moment to constructive criticize

    Because you are supposed to be so big so large so mighty
    Couldn’t help but notice all the problems on news nightly
    People hurting one another, can you see their need?
    Things might go a little better if you didn’t make them plead…

    Not everyone can muster up the courage for a prayer
    Not everyone has what it takes to sit with you and share
    Even though I’m busy I try to give our time some meaning
    Not everyone knows you or can give you all you’re needing

    So heal me and it will go some distance in your favor
    People love a God with a righteous healing flavor!
    Face it in the press you are a pretty lousy sell
    Heal me, and if anybody asks – then I can tell!

    I know you understand, I can’t exactly proselytize
    I mean I tried it once but it got bogged down with “whys”
    Let’s face it there are few who can know you like I do
    To take just on faith that you’ll probably come through

    So now this prayer is longer than I at first intended
    Let’s not say goodbye only that our time’s suspended
    Until you’ve done my healing and I can find more time
    Until then, if you need me, let’s agree you’ll send a sign…