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Psalm 126

Hello Friends,

In our PAUSE Bible Reading Plan, I just read Psalm 126. If you’re new to WSFC, then you may not know that Psalm 126 has a few of my favorite verses in it. I like it so much that I had it displayed on the lobby wall of West Salem Foursquare. Now, to be fair, it’s not there right now. Our facility is so “multi-use” that it took one too many hits from Frisbee’s, balls and Nerf guns during our ALIVE Youth Church nights (which is just fine with me, because I LOVE youth ministry). But because it was starting to look worse for wear, we scraped it off the wall.

Oh well.

But here’s what my favorite verse said:

“We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy. The Lord has done great things for us, and we are one happy people.”  Psalm 126:2,3

Friends, not only to do love this verse for it’s historical value (it’s one of the Jewish Psalms of Ascent), but I love it for it’s PRESENT value. I think this perfectly represents US at West Salem Foursquare. Why? Well…

• Because we love to laugh.
I’m pretty convinced that a good belly-laugh is not only Godly, but good for you!

• Because when we sing we do it with joy in our hearts.
We can worship Jesus with an understanding of his grace, mercy, love and peace that puts an authentic smile on our face.

• Because the Lord God HAS indeed done great things for us.
As a matter of fact, for the remainder of the month, I encourage you to recall and write down the things that God has done for YOU. What are YOU thankful for?

• Because we are truly happy.
Not the kind of happiness that the world says comes as a result of doing whatever we want “just as long as you’re happy.” But, rather, the kind of internal fulfillment that is evident in the lives of Jesus-followers that are submitted to the will of the Father, and want to serve His purposes on this planet.

Join me today in meditating on this powerful verse. I can pretty much give you a money-back guarantee that it will lift your spirits and put a bounce in your step!



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