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Psalm 118:24. This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Summertime has come and isn’t it glorious? I would venture to say that most of us desire at some point during these warm months to journey to pleasant places, whether it’s a far-off destination, a peaceful seashore or taking a few minutes to relax in the sun at a park here in town. Exploring new and interesting places renews and refreshes body and soul.

A couple of weeks ago my family and I took a ferry ride through the San Juan islands, our final destination: Victoria BC. It’s one of our favorite cities and we hadn’t visited in over ten years so we were excited to discover parts of the island we hadn’t seen before.

The second day we were there, we decided to drive around the outside of the city to several of the beaches and bays. It was gorgeous weather. Imagine crystal clear blue skies, little to no wind and a balmy 71 degrees. The ocean water was glistening from the sunlight and on the horizon you could see all sorts of sailboats leisurely making their way across the ocean, the Olympic mountain range as the backdrop. It was beautiful! As we circled around to the first beach, a brightly painted piano sitting out in the open caught my eye. For me, it was one of God’s little gifts so I just had to get out and receive it! I played a short song and we continued on. We soon found that there were painted pianos sprinkled all over the landscape from place to place. We made it our fun mission of the day to find them all and play each one.

Now, I am by no means an accomplished piano player, but I do remember a few songs I’ve picked up from the piano lessons my mom made me take many, many years ago. As I sat down at the keyboard, the words of an old hymn came to mind. I began to quietly sing and play, “I will say this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice for He has made me glad.” Each time I played that old hymn, my fingers, my mouth and my heart declared the praises of God and the words of Scripture. It was God’s day, given to me and I would be glad in that moment. My whole heart lifted as I started to really believe the words I was humming and playing over and over.

As I played the final piano and got back into our car and continued driving, I began to think about what the the word rejoice really means. The dictionary describes it as a verb: “showing great joy or delight in.” The writer of Psalm 118 was rejoicing that God spared him and added another day to his life after being in danger and not expecting to see another day. There are times when I find myself saying, “I can’t wait for this week to be over” or “I just want to get through this day.” It’s easy to focus on the disappointments of today or the anxieties of tomorrow or even to be bored with the ordinary-ness of life while God calls to remind us that He is enough and each day is a gift, created on purpose to experience His love, peace and kindness.

This week, God may lead you to play with your kids, or invite a co-worker to lunch or sit in rush hour traffic, or by the side of a dear friend, or to a birthday party, or a courtroom or the coffee line at Starbucks or maybe even to play pianos on the shorelines of beautiful beaches. It may be a time of respite or you may be facing giants in your life. Whatever God invites you to, may it be an opportunity to see Him at work, to witness His power and to be transformed by His presence.

God made today. No matter what today brings, let’s claim it as God’s day and decide to rejoice in it! Let’s celebrate it and fully live in it!

Psalm 118:24. This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

In Christ,