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Hello Friends,      

Insecurities don’t need to rule your life.

I’m 26 years old and the last of my college friends got married this last weekend. And it got me reminiscing about all the weddings, 7 to be exact that I have been in. I’ve been single as a bridesmaid, married and a new mother. And to be honest, all of those points of my life came with a lot of insecurities, new and old. To name a few: fear of loneliness, envy, self-doubt and negative self talk.

And not only would I have insecurities, but I would be so ashamed to have insecurities, because I knew how much my insecurities were taking me away from joyous occasions in my life and the lives of others. Shame is truly a crippling experience. But these days God has almost brought me over those mountains of doubt and insecurities. I can feel myself teetering at the top, about to free fall over the edge. I have made so much progress, so why don’t i just jump? You may wonder why people don’t just “get over themselves” and get past their insecurities, doubt, anger or hurts.

For me it’s this: I can feel the overwhelming emotions that will be released. The amount of joy and love that is often stuffed inside me will burst through and I’m afraid I just may not be able to control it all. And above all else, what if I expose all of those emotions and then I experience tragic loss or get hurt by someone, then it will all be too much to handle.

Weddings are joyous, heartfelt occasions. Love brings people together, and when you celebrate the love of others you often begin to examine your own life. I know I do. I was up there this last weekend, standing beside two people confessing their love to each other and to God in front of all of their friends and family.  And I thought, this is how it should remain, we should continue professing our love and faithfulness to our Father in Heaven and to each other. It should not stop the day we make our covenants. God did not make us just so that we would have only moments to be vulnerable and open our hearts to others, no, we were made so that we would have a continuing need for one another.

Our insecurities, hurts and anger only keep us from giving ourselves the chance to open up our hearts and love those who have entered into relationship with us. And I have a few ways to begin the journey of living in Christ rather than functioning out of my insecurities.

           1. Make God a priority in your life. (Matthew 6:33)
2. Make yourself a priority in your life. (2 Corinthians 13:5)
3. Set your mind on good things. (Colossians 3:2)

Find the places in your life where you have a choice to shift your focus rather than continuing to allow the enemy to have full jurisdiction. I’m sure you could give a million reasons why you don’t have a choice, but I don’t have time in this note to convince you that you do.  So what if instead you searched for those decisions where you do have that power.

I’m 26 years old and I have a whole lifetime time ahead of me to make good choices and to shift my focus on what is good rather than what I lack. Maybe you are 65 years old.  You, too, have the rest of your life to shift your focus. We all have someone who will be overcome with joy if we take the time to enjoy life with them, where shame didn’t keep you from that experience. But the person who will be the most impacted is you. Where you lack joy, Jesus will be your strength.  Where you doubt, Jesus will provide the faith.  Where you fail, Jesus will extend His hand.

Today choose to make God, yourself, and your future your priorities. When I show my vulnerability and the emotions come flooding out, Jesus will be my foundation, not my insecurities or shame.

Blessings to you and yours,
Pastor Leah Ramos