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I am excited and full of hope. And I want you to be, too. 

Our Lead Pastor, John Fehlen, has invited us all to join him in a vision for the improvement of the West Salem Foursquare Church facility. He and Denise have been nurturing this vision in their hearts for several years and in just a few weeks, on March 4, you are invited to help make this possible. Now is the season to ask the Lord to guide you. 

Your help is vitally important. Let me describe the improvements that are proposed. If you would like to follow along on a virtual tour, please visit and look through the photo gallery.

First: The ground floor. Imagine our church’s lobby area. The vision is to double the usable space in our very large, and very tall church lobby by completing a full second floor. The construction will improve the existing first floor, with an eleven foot high ceiling and designated spaces for warm fellowship, comfortable gathering, and flexibility for generous walkways, and varied uses. When we gather, friendships grow on a “horizontal” plane – heart to heart, and hand in hand. So, the vision to redesign the first floor is truly appropriate because it will enhance our relationships with one another. Our sanctuary, or auditorium, will remain “vertical” space, in which we call upon the Lord with full hearted worship, praise, and prayer. There will be the additions of an elevator and a welcome room bridging the lobby to the sanctuary. 

Second: Now, let’s walk up the stairs to the new second floor. Here, instead of open air, there is a large gathering place – with room for 150 – which will be the new home of our Youth Ministry, and more. Do you know that, from a facility standpoint,  the most underserved age group in our WSFC family has been high school and middle school students? Underserved in what way? Those crucial age groups have been essentially homeless in our church buildings for years, making-do, and setting up temporarily every week. We need a dedicated space for the size of youth groups that a church of our overall size has the potential to grow. These are  people who will become the Christian leaders and influencers, if we will help them come to Jesus. Young people make lifetime decisions – the most important of which is the decision to believe and follow Jesus. Let’s see those decisions multiplied by the hundreds. Let’s provide spaces designed for the stages of life and development that our young people are experiencing in their teen years. There are also two full sized rooms where classes and groups and meeting will take place. 

Third: Improvements are also proposed for our auditorium sound system, our kitchen, outdoor recreation areas, and an additional large storage/work space. 

The entire project is estimated to cost $945,000. We will break down the parts and priorities as we go along.  We have a “nest egg” of $300,000 designated for building. As servant-leaders, our goal is to complete all the parts of this vision for cash – no additional mortgage burden. To actually accomplish that goal, every person who is willing is needed to contribute. As you consider how you can help, please be careful to avoid the influence of the enemy, who tempts you to believe that your gift (small or large) won’t really make a difference. 

In next week’s Hello Friends, I’ll help you consider the value of your personal participation in this wonderful project. 

Loving the Lord Jesus with you, 

Rich Marshall
Senior Associate Pastor