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Preemptive vs. Reactive

Hello Friends,

At this very moment I am sitting at PDX waiting for my flight to take off for a quick trip to Los Angeles for some meetings. The flight is delayed and I have some time to chip away at my consistently full to-do list. One of my tasks that I had to complete during my trip was to write this week’s HELLO FRIENDS.  So here I go…

Directly in front of me is a large, illuminated advertisement sign. It’s next to the Courtesy Phone,  the Starbucks kiosk and some benches.    

The sign is for a web firewall network application called Barracuda.  It’s probably one of a number of services of its kind.  This one claims to prevent data theft by stopping website and web application attacks. This is stuff that I don’t fully understand, but I know that we have a group of people at West Salem Foursquare that do. We affectionately call them our Nerd Herd. They are a valuable group of people that help us with our technical needs and work to insure the safety of our information. Currently we are tightening up our already good protocols with our computers and facilities.

What most captured my attention about the sign is the large print, bolded tagline at the top:   “PREEMPTIVE.” This word has got me thinking…

The opposite of preemptive is,  of course, is to be reactive.  One would easily concur that it makes sense to be preemptive rather than reactive. This applies not only to our information technology but also to our spirituality and morality.

It is important to develop Godly characteristics in our lives rather than have to deal with the after-effects of spiritual depravity.  Instead of digging ourselves out of a moral pit, it makes sense to nurture righteousness and purity preemptively.

This is easier said than done.  Most humans choose the path of least resistance and discover energy out of sheer necessity.  There is so much to do in life that most folks will tackle problems as the need arises. Unfortunately, this is not a great way to grow spiritually nor guard yourself against the schemes of the enemy.

Consider this simplistic example:  your car.  Most everyone knows that it is better to have tune-ups and oil changes then to have a major overhaul done on the vehicle because of neglect.

Preemptive vs. Reactive. Makes sense, huh?

Allow me to mention three preemptive disciplines for your spiritual growth.

1.  Scripture Reading.

2.  Small Groups.

3.  Sin Confession.

Each of these disciplines will nurture spiritual health and growth within the life of the believer. Each will deepen you personally, connect you relationally, and protect you morally. Consider engaging in each one of these in the next 5-7 days.