Stories, thoughts and reflections on the Bible from the WSFC Staff.



Ever since I first believed and began to follow Jesus, I have loved learning the Bible.  Do you feel that way, too?  In the pages of my Bible, I meet people I can identify with, and who give me an example to follow.  Two favorites in the Gospel of John are Andrew and Philip.  They became part of Jesus’ core group.

When they come on the scene in John 1:35, I can easily see that they really, really devoted themselves to the Lord; so much so that they left home and had a close relationship with the young preacher of the day.  His name was John and he baptized people for repentance in the Jordan River.  Andrew and Philip were living right in the middle of what I had wanted as a 17 year old kid – to get the meaning and purpose for life.

As John baptized his cousin from Nazareth, Jesus, something happened.  There was thunder, or was it a huge voice…?   And it seemed to those around like something gently landed on Jesus, or perhaps inside him.  John knew it, and he told everyone to look!  He pointed the way to Jesus, and said, “Look and understand this!  That man is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!  If you’ll look, you’ll see,” John declared, “He is the Son of God.”  An absolutely amazing statement.  The boys got what John said.

So Phil and Andy went where John was pointing.  They followed Jesus.  They went with Him and got their first glimpse of what He was all about.  I knew what that was like.  My sister, Debbie,  wouldn’t give up on me.  She helped me meet Him, too.  Jesus filled the need in my life.  As my old friend, Luis, says, “Only Jesus can satisfy the soul.”  Just after they met Jesus, they did something very important; something that will give you and me a tremendous rush of fulfillment, if we will follow their example.

Andrew went and found his brother, Peter.  Philip went and found his friend, Nathaniel.

Life is transmitted from one to another through the current of exciting news.  Andy brought his brother, Pete.  Phil brought his buddy, Nate.  Jesus gave them life.  That’s how real growth and change happen:  One to one, friend to friend, sister to brother, pointing the way… to Jesus.  Are you willing to do what Andrew and Philip did?  It’s not complicated or confusing.  It springs right up from the new life that’s happening in you.

Whether it is a special time, like Easter, or just another day, like today, go again to Jesus.  Ask Him to help you find your friend, your sister, or your brother.  Then go to that person, tell only what you’ve learned, and point the way so they can meet Him, too.  It’s joyfully amazing.

One by one,

Pastor Rich Marshall