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“The thief’s purpose is to steal kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life”. John 10:10

“Come and participate fully” these words have haunted me every day for the past several weeks. God used them to get my attention through a recent conversation with a friend. I left the discussion wrestling with my own hesitancy to fully engage with the people and plans for which God created me. In that moment I realized for the first time, how much of my life, including, relationships, opportunities, and daily moments I have not fully embraced due to fear of failure and rejection, insecurity and pride.

Maybe it’s just me…or maybe it’s you too. How many opportunities to truly live have been passed over in favor of maintaining the status quo?

I’ve come to the conclusion that “normal” is very over rated. I believe many in our western culture mistake the “abundant” life Jesus promised for living a comfortable, socially acceptable and relatively problem-free existence, when in fact it is so much more.

Are you familiar with that persistent ache and reoccurring question in your spirit constantly asking if your life was intended for something more? If so, consider it an invitation to move from the bleachers to the playing field of you own life- -to live daily with purpose and not at whim of your own insecurities.

Maybe you, like me, at times feel uncertain about your role in the story of humankind? Come with me, before we talk ourselves back into our unfulfilling but comfortable corners of “normalcy” and take a step toward participating fully in (as Eugene Peterson puts it) the “life life and more life” that Jesus makes available to all who know Him.

Commit with me to step where HE guides though the path seems unfamiliar and confusing at times. True fulfillment comes as knowing Him becomes our highest goal and trusting him beyond our comfort level our new “normal”.

You are not alone,

Valerie Bellamy

Women’s Ministry Pastor