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I was asked a couple of days ago if I was going to establish some personal New Year’s GOALS.
Writing down goals and/or resolutions are quite common at the start of any year and I’ve always been a fan of doing so.
I like setting goals. I like resolving to do things that are important. Perhaps the goals are regarding health, Bible reading, eating habits, sleep, smartphone usage, TV limits, exercise, etc.
I like goals…and yet…
When I was asked the question a few days ago, I was somewhat startled by the response that came out of my mouth.
I said, “No, I have enough to DO already. I think this year, I’m gonna work on who I AM more than what I DO.”
Interesting. Again, I like establishing goals. I don’t think it’s a bad pursuit. Any yet, what if we approached it differently?
What if we put more weight upon our VALUES than our GOALS? What if we made resolutions to BE a person that operates our of deeply held convictions and moral fortitude? What if we partner with the Holy Spirit to work on our character more than our calendar? And, what if we sought to become a person “after God’s own heart” even if we don’t “get it all done?”
Mark 8:36 said it well:  “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world in exchange for their soul?”
So, in 2019, let’s BE people of VALUE.
One of the ways I’m experimenting with this personally is that I’m focusing each month in 2019 upon one specific “Fruit of the Spirit.” The month of January is all about peace. February’s focus is love. You get the idea.
The way our congregation is going to approach this is through a January teaching series called “Welcome Home” which will highlight our four core values: simple, caring, positive and real. We encourage you join us this month!
Here’s to BEING a person of VALUE!
Pastor John