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New Service Times

Hello Friends,      

A couple of years ago I was back in Wisconsin. I’m pretty sure it was for one of my Mom’s funerals (she had one in the Midwest and another on the West Coast). While I was there I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to drive around my “old stomping grounds.” I had to see my high school, which I was surprised to see had been torn down and replaced with condos. Then I drove out into the country to see the house where I grew up. Oddly, it was no longer there, only to have been dozed for a runway extension of the nearby airport.

Then I discovered that the local Hardees and Dairy Queens closed up (can you tell I lived in a SMALL town?).

In their place some newer businesses were popping up and giving it a run. Who knows if they will make it, but hey, I love that they’re giving it a shot!

Then I drove to the little Foursquare Church that I grew up at. It met in an old timey Lutheran building complete with a cemetery out back. The Lutheran congregation shrunk drastically and had to close up, so they gave their building to an upstart Foursquare church. That’s where me and my family were discipled in Jesus.

But, let me tell you what I saw as I walked around the church:  nothing new.

It had NOT changed since I had been there over 25 years ago. Not. One. Thing. Changed.

I made me sad.

Loved ones, I am so glad that this is not the case at West Salem Foursquare Church. We are a congregation that is accustom to change and open to what is new. Now, of course, change is not easy for everyone. It can actually be quite difficult and hard to process for some. But I believe God has graced our congregation, by and large, in it’s 23 or so years of existence, to be quite pliable and open to change!

I commend you!

Now as we embark upon the shifting of service times, let’s continue to be open to change. This is a modification that will most likely continue past the summer time. I believe it’s gonna be best for the vitality of our volunteers, staff and congregational culture.  I am really excited for the season we’re in, the sense of God’s presence, and the possibilities of growth before us.

See you this weekend.  When?  Sunday at 8:30, 10:00 or 11:30 am.



P.S. I’m gonna be back in Wisconsin in a few weeks to go fishing with my Dad for a few days. I’m excited to see if my “old stomping grounds” have changed since last time. I’m not so confident about my childhood church, but, here’s to hoping!