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My Brokenness Doesn’t Dictate My Beliefs

This week’s blog post comes from our Kid’s Ministry intern, Ashleigh Barry.

2016 was a year that stretched and challenged me. 

I’ve been tested in more ways than one. I have felt the despair that comes from my humanness and I have felt the inexpressible joy that roots itself in my Savior. I have been exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have questioned God in my brokenness, crying out to him in need of the comforting arms of my Papa. And I have also felt the inexhaustible grace and love from my Prince of Peace.

There are moments when I pause and think about my imperfections and my weaknesses, and I just want to cry because I’m reminded of how much I lack. I want to be able to solve my problems. I want to be able to fix my broken and bleeding heart. I want to know all the answers to my never ending list of questions. It’s frustrating to know that I just can’t be as strong as I am stubborn. Can anyone else relate?

Believe was my word for 2016. I chose it because I wanted to challenge myself to pursue truth even when my emotions tell me to look at my circumstance. I wanted to boldly pursue the throne of grace no matter how broken or imperfect I feel. I wanted to trust God when He tells me who I am. I wanted to know without a shadow of a doubt that my promises will be fulfilled because they come from my good, good Father. I wanted to stand firm in who I know God to be in my life. I wanted to learn how to proclaim my identity as a child of God and believe it wholeheartedly. And though 2016 had some rough patches, I felt that God fulfilled my desires.

I know that I will have bad days and good days. I will look back at the lies of my old nature, but I will also fall deeper in love with my Savior and who He says that I am. Learning how to be a citizen of Heaven while living on earth will be messy and difficult. But I am convinced that God is with me and because He is in me, I will not fail. My word for 2017 is more. I chose this word because I believe that God has more for me than the empty promises the world gives me. I believe that God is good and that there is always more to learn about His heart. I cannot wait to see how He incorporates this word into my life during 2017!

If you feel you’re in a similar season as me, I say let’s fight the good fight together. Maybe I know you and maybe I have no idea who you are. It doesn’t matter. In His Kingdom, we’re family. So let’s do this! (Insert fistbump here).