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Jesus. Just As If I’d Never Sinned

Pastor John continues in our Galatians series and talks about Jesus’ work on the cross and how it justifies us if we believe.

Jesus. Redeemer Of Your Past

Your past doesn’t disqualify you from what God wants to do with your future. Pastor John takes a look at how Paul’s life proves this to be true.

Jesus. The One And Only Gospel

Pastor John continues in our series in Galatians and talks about Jesus being the one true Gospel

Jesus. God’s Rescue Plan

Pastor John starts our new series in Galatians and looks at how Paul addresses false teachings.

Reach Out

Guest speaker Reid Saunders talks about how God wants to use you for his kingdom.

Filled & Fruitful: Love

Pastor Kristin wraps up our summer series Filled & Fruitful and talks about love, the most important fruit of the spirit from Galatians.

Filled & Fruitful: Peace

Pastor John looks at what it means to have true biblical peace that only comes from God.

Filled & Fruitful: Gentleness

Pastor Seth shares some of his experiences with gentleness and talks about what the bible defines and true gentleness.

Filled & Fruitful: Kindness

What does it mean to be kind? Pastor John takes a look at the kindness of King David and how it echoes the kindness of God.