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Measuring Stick

Hello Friends,

This past year I discovered why the 5th graders at WSFC hold me in such “high” regard. At 5’2’’ I am the shortest adult they know! That makes me their personal, living, measuring stick. I get lots of hugs as they carefully check out their height next to mine. The kids worry that they won’t be at least 5’1” prior to moving up to middle school!

So, I started wondering. Like the kids, we all have things we measure ourselves by. Most of us carry the list in our heads. Each of us has a different list but the foundation on which the list is based is similar. We are wired to be accepted for who we are or want to be. However, we are born into a world where measures for acceptance and success are fleeting and ever changing. There does not seem to be a stable “measuring stick” in our world anymore. Really?

Scripture tells us that we are secure, significant and acceptable in Him. Romans 8:1 states that we are free from condemnation. 1John 5:18 states that the devil cannot touch us. Matt. 5:13-14 exclaims that we are salt and light in this world. Romans 8:35-39 pronounces to the world that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.

In these turbulent times we are blessed to know that how the world may measure us is in the end, irrelevant. The relevant measure is found in who we are in Christ. That is the only measure by which true acceptance, peace and success will come. Believe it! No matter what anyone says or does.

Should you want a copy of the scriptures of who you are in Christ, stop by the Welcome Center. We have one just for you!


Joan English

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