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As June is about to begin, we are entering a season of service at West Salem Foursquare Church.  June 17 – 22 is our second edition of Love Week.  

Love Week is simple.  We have identified several community based Christian ministries in our city who will benefit from just a few hours of group volunteer service.  Tim and Nikki Weiner have taken the initiative to serve and lead our Love Week effort. June 17 – 22 is the time frame for these acts of service.  The key to a successful Love Week for is for you and a friend to simply step up for a one time, two to three-hour volunteer service.

And here’s how to start:  Go online to  (Are you there yet?)  

Scroll all the way down to the green bar that says Love Week, then click on “Find a Serving Opportunity”.  The next screen will give you a listing of choices.

#1 Sign up to attend Prayer at the Capitol.  It’s a 90 minute prayer time in the park across Court Street from the State Capitol building, 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  Street parking is free in the evening. As we begin to serve our city, let’s pray together for God’s power and help upon our city.  

#2 Select a service opportunity from those listed.  Please take a minute to click on each one and read the detail info about that opportunity.  

#3 Register your name and contact info for your choice of service.  Hint: Some of the service opportunities have more than one service time.  Pick a time that fits for you.

By the way, a name that is not obvious or familiar – “Red Suspenders” is a group that stockpiles and supplies fire wood to families to heat their homes.  We will be helping with stacking and storing wood.

June 17– 22 is just our second Love Week.  You can make it a big success by simply giving just a few hours of loving service in a practical way.  Come and serve with me.

Pastor Rich Marshall