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Hello Friends,

      Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. Psalm 5:12

4 Things you need to stop doing now. That are stealing away your joy.

1. Believing that joy is only in your future, not for today.

This is number one on the list because it’s probably the biggest lie we face when it comes to finding joy. We often believe that we can only have joy if we are the best versions of ourselves. Maybe you’re confusing joy with happiness. When we have an attitude like this: “I will only have joy when I am wealthy, lose 50 pounds or buy a house!” You will never find yourself in a position to have true joy because you will always want more. And joy isn’t a production or a “want”. It’s a gift from Jesus, who paid the ultimate price for our joy. Focus your eyes on Jesus, not your “wants”.

2. High expectations on those around you. This might as well be number one! But what this point really is about is taking responsibility for yourself. Relying on others to define your self worth to make you feel important isn’t realistic. We will constantly be let down. And that’s what happens when we put unattainable expectations on those around us. Let down your fences and focus on loving others, rather than others loving you. People do not define your joy, let our Father God define your JOY.

3. Lack of Sleep. It’s time to get up and move. The more you move your body during the day, the better sleep you will get at night! Our brains have a hard time switching gears to sleep after we have spent 5 hours watching TV or staring at the computer. Get outside and breathe some fresh air, then wind down with a good book or crossword puzzle before bed. Lack of sleep could be robbing you of joy.

4. Skipping on time with Jesus. This is the year for you and Jesus to be closer than ever. He is the true picture of joy and He desires to share that with you. If you put time in every day to read God’s word, you are getting wisdom, joy, hope, love and strength from the one who created you! He knows what you need, you just need to allow Him to give it to you. Get started with our daily Pause plan here:

The simple facts are that you deserve joy and you can have it now if you leave it up to Jesus. We all have things we need to give up or work through. But sometimes those improvements don’t happen overnight. Let’s be a people who are joyful and give God the praise even when life doesn’t look perfect.

Blessings to you,
Leah Ramos