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Jesus and Halloween

Hello Friends,

What might Jesus do with our Halloween?  “Jesus appointed 12, that they would be with Him, and that He could send them out with the message of the Kingdom, to have power to heal sicknesses, and to cast out demons.”  Mark 3:14, 15

As I sat down to write to you, I started by asking the Lord, “What would You say to us this week?”  Here’s the simple thought came to my mind:  “I am with you to make of you a safe haven for everyone you meet.”  That’s a true word every day.  And this week, while the world has its Halloween fling in the dark, I can definitely be thankful to turn on the lights for everyone who wants to come in.  So…

Welcome to Candyfest!!!  What a concept!!!  

This Saturday evening, 6:00-8:30, our church family will be dressed up for the occasion and open to everyone who comes by.

I’m not entirely sure what it is about October 31 every year that makes most Americans so excited about dressing up as every oddball apparition of evil, and mix-in a bagful of candy to boot, but… here we go again.  Halloween.  Behind the masquerade you’re just sure that we all mean well.  Even though the make-up and the make-believe, not to mention the potential dental bills, cast the shadow of the worst imaginable horrors.

So then, should we lock our doors, put out the lights, and pull the covers up tight under our chin while it passes by?  Not a chance, Christians. Not while your Savior has work for you to do.  Following Jesus means that we go right up to the edge of the cultural sink-hole and throw in a strong rope by which people can come out of the darkness and the soul-danger – just like you and I have been brought out.  It’s a whole lot like Jesus’ purpose for the first twelve disciples whom He called and empowered.  In the same way they learned to go in Jesus’ name, He will provide the power that we need to be a blessing in our town.  People heard about hope.  People were changed and made whole.  Hell was dismissed from hearts.  Where the new Kingdom opens, people had a new kind of fun.  Does that sound like a safe haven to you?

This Saturday night.  Fun and games.  Fun food and folks.  Fun band.  And, oh yes, a generous helping of candy.  (I’m having a fun-size Kit Kat now ☺)

In the world, but not of the world.
It’s fun to follow Jesus.

Pastor Rich Marshall