Stories, thoughts and reflections on the Bible from the WSFC Staff.

Isaiah 40:31

This is my first time sharing with all of you, and as much excitement as I feel, I am also very nervous. I decided to take a step back and reflect about the things God has been saying to me over the last two weeks.

It is no longer a surprising thing when we hear how challenging and weird the last year has been for all of us. However, for me personally, it all hit me last week. Realizing that it had been a year since the pandemic started made me cry and grieve what I had to miss out on. During my time of prayer, I came to the Lord with all my feelings and questions. To be honest with you, I still do not have the answers to my questions. But it felt refreshing being honest with myself and God about where my soul and heart are during this season. As I prayed about how weary my soul had been, an old Spanish Hymn came to mind, and that made me open my bible and search for the bible verse I was singing about.

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” 
Isaiah 40:31

So friends I want to encourage you today to take a few minutes to reflect on your heart and soul then bring it all to prayer – for all the good and bad. Trust me, God isn’t scared of our big feelings or our overwhelming thoughts. He cares for you and loves you so much. As a very loving father, he is just waiting for an invitation to that space of grief, doubt, or even sadness.

As the Prince of Peace covers your heart with His unfailing love, make sure you spread the joy of the Lord with others. If someone comes to mind, make sure to reach out. A phone call or a text could be someone’s reminder that they are seen and loved.

I pray blessings over all of you and your homes.

With Love,

Debora Gonzalez