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Interpreting the Times


Hello Friends,

Every day there are hundreds of knowledgable people interpreting the weather on news sites, cable networks and the internet. We tune into to our favorite meteorologist or bookmarked webpage to find out what the skies will do and how we should dress accordingly.

Then we realize just how fallible they can be.

Interpreting the weather is a sketchy venture. As Pacific Northwest diehards, we have learned to just be ready for anything, keep an umbrella in the trunk, and to not do a whole lot with our hair!

In the same way, interpreting the times is also a pretty sketchy venture.

The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:6 that while we are on this earth we are away from the Lord and we are walking by faith not by sight. There is a lot that we simply do not know or will not be able to see fully right now.

The passage goes on to encourage us to be courageous and make it our goal to please the Lord, whether we are in heaven with him or away from him on Planet Earth. 2 Corinthians 5:10 affirms that one day we will all appear before the judgement seat. We may not know when, but be assured it will indeed happen.

So rather than being all caught up in weather reports, just be ready for anything. And rather than speculating about the timing of Christ’s return, be courageous and keep pleasing the Lord in all things.

There’s nothing sketchy about that!


Pastor John

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