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Hello Friends,

Dick Cavett once said, “If your parents never had children, chances are you won’t either.” For those of you reading this column(and you are certain you have parents that had children) then you will someday, if not already, deal with the issue of raising children. Some of you may even be wading through the murky waters known as “parenting a teenager.”

To you I say two things: “Hold on tight!” and “You can do it!”

I read recently that you might be a parent of a teen if…
…your blood pressure is higher than your weekly income.
…your car insurance is the same as the National Debt.
…you are losing your hair, hearing and patience.
…your favorite prayer is “Come quickly, Lord Jesus.”

And the Lord does come quickly to the assistance of parents that call on his name.  Scripture tells us to bring up our children in the training and instruction of the Lord and that is accomplished through a great amount of prayer and intercession. We then must listen closely to the heart of God for the young person within your care.

Adolescence has been called the period when a teenager feels he/she will never be as dumb as his/her parents. One thing that is never dumb, however, is to raise your teenager in the fear and knowledge of Jesus. You will be giving them a heritage of righteousness that will hopefully be passed on from generation to generation.

That makes it worth it.

And trust me…it is worth it.


Pastor John

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