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Hello Friends,

Denise and I recently had an epiphany:  soon three out of four of our kids will be teenagers. That’s a weird thought for us, because it seems like we’ve been parenting young children for soooooo long. We have been up to our elbows in formula, diapers and Chuck E. Cheese tokens.

In last weeks “Hello Friends” email I wrote about teenagers. This week I want to send some thoughts about younger kiddos. Perhaps you are right in the middle of that wild and crazy time and you’re pulling your hair out. Toddlers have that kind of effect on parents. Call them the “terrible two’s” or whatever you want, it can be tough to parent young children.

Is it possible to keep your sanity?

Do you have to take them to Walmart to spank them, like the rest of society?  🙂

Can I encourage you with a few simple reminders?

1.  You’re not alone. Our small group has a number of parents of young children, and we hear this almost on a weekly basis:  “Oh man, it’s good to hear that we’re not the only people that struggle with this!”  One of the main tools of the devil is isolation – that feeling that you’re totally alone and that no one else has dealt with what you’re facing. Not true.  You’re not alone.

2.  You’re not bad.
Parenting toddlers can be a test of endurance and patience. Sometimes you may loose your cool.  You’re not a bad parent. Of course, rage and violence are never acceptable. That must be repented of and healed, but sometimes we can find ourselves at our wit’s end. This does not mean you’re a rotten parent. We all struggle. We all come up short. That’s why we need Jesus.

3.  You’re not stuck
.  It’s been said, “This too shall pass.”  True words. Of course, they are not much consolation when you feel as if you’re stuck in this eternal phase of parenting children. Please know that this season that you think will never end indeed will! They will grow up and out. You may even wish you could go back to the days when they were young (I think a few of you just laughed and rolled your eyes). Without question, there will be new challenges ahead and the way you conduct yourself now will serve as wisdom and strength for the journey.

Don’t give up. You’re not alone. You’re not bad. You’re not stuck.


Pastors John & Denise
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  1. Rachel Gann on January 14, 2011 at 4:54 am

    Thank you Pastors! It is great to hear this from such Godly leaders. It’s nice to know we are not alone in this area. God seems to have a way of telling me just what I need to hear! Thank you again