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Whether you are new, need to update your information or have a prayer request, we would love to connect with you. Follow the link and fill out as much as you are comfortable with.


Giving online is simple and secure. Whether you’d like to give a single gift, or schedule recurring giving, you can do it all here.

Bible Reading

Reading the word of God is one of our main values at WSFC. Join us in getting a word from God from the Word of God each day.

The Pause Bible Reading Plan is broken down into bite-sized portions for each day of reading. The first passage will either be a New Testament or Psalms reading. We like to think of this as a “meal.” And in the second passage(s) you will read from the Old Testament. If you read both portions, think of this as a “feast.” For the most part, this section is organized chronologically, so you will have the opportunity to read through the Old Testament in the historic order in which it occurred.

Depending upon how hungry you are on a particular day you may opt for a meal or the feast. But know this—the idea is not to just get through the plan, but to encounter Jesus along the way.

Today's Reading

Psalms 133-134

Ezekiel 37-38

Feeling stuck or confused while reading the Bible?

Reading and understanding the Bible can be difficult sometimes. Large chunks of it can feel irrelevant to everyday life. But we believe there’s more to the Bible than inspirational stories and encouraging quotes to make us feel better and there is a payoff for pushing through the Bible’s confusion and complexity.

We've created list of reading plans, apps and podcasts that are helpful, engaging and will hopefully transform how you read and interact with the Bible.

House Churches

Right now people are more likely to gather in small groups than in large groups with strangers. So we want House Churches to be a small weekly gathering of people around the person of Jesus, and for the purposes of growing spiritually, caring for each other and making disciples.

Whether you are wanting to start a House Church, or looking to be part of one, check out the link below.

Church Online

All of our main services have been moved to our Online Campus. We're so glad you decided to join us. Church is so much more than a Sunday morning and our community is so much more than a building. We are so thankful that we can get together digitally and choose to focus on Jesus.

If you find yourself in need of anything, please reach out through our prayer request link. We will do our best to partner with you in this wild and unknown time.

Registration for In-Person Gatherings

I want to communicate a very important piece of news regarding our in-person, on-campus gatherings, and pray you receive in a spirit of grace and understanding.

I am going to suspend our current 9 & 11 am church services, as well as Sunday night youth services, for the remainder of the month of November. 

West Salem Foursquare will continue, however, to broadcast an Online Church Service, with worship and teaching each Sunday at 10 am and available On Demand all week.  I encourage you to join us at 10 am for a live chat, prayer, and interaction with others! 

This decision was prayerfully made with the wisdom of our pastoral staff, elders, church council, and medical professionals. 

You may be aware of the news conference the Governor held last week. She communicated how COVID cases are increasing in our state, including our respective counties, calling for a “pause” in social gatherings as we approach the holidays. She stated, "All Oregonians have the ability and capacity to help reduce the spread of the virus. We are at a critical junction in Oregon. I know you are all tired, but it is not too late to change the curve of this virus. Limiting social gatherings is absolutely key.” 

Undoubtedly there are differing opinions regarding the pandemic, but out of love for our community, specifically the most vulnerable, we are taking this to heart, with a desire to be part of the solution, rather than the spread.

I carry the burden of stewarding the spiritual, as well as the physical well-being of our congregation, which has led me to make this difficult decision.

Our Small Groups and House Churches are free to continue meeting as normal, with established safety precautions and protocols, and to the degree of comfortability of the leaders and participants. These gatherings are vital for us to “be the church” scattered across our valley. I strongly encourage you to find or form a House Church or small group with people you know. 

I will keep you updated over the coming weeks as we look forward to regathering in December. Until then, please know how much you are loved and believed in. 

Grace and Peace,

Pastor John

Message Archive

Message Archive

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