Stories, thoughts and reflections on the Bible from the WSFC Staff.

Hello Friends,
This week I wanted to send you something that one of our elders Rod Chandler brought me this last Sunday during one of our services. He sensed that the Lord had given him a word for our church. He wrote it down and submitted it to me. I want to pass it onto you today, with the prayer and hope that it ministers to you. I know the heart of the Lord, it’s one of love and kindness, so this word should for sure ring true! I know it did for me.
The Lord wants to remind you that “You are mine in every way.” 
I am your God, your Eternal Father, your Lord.  
Today, call out to me, for I am waiting. I am waiting to open new doors into my Presence. These doors shall be thrown open wide to those who call out to me in the passion of their hearts. Call out to me today with all your heart. 
I love you more than you can imagine.
I wonder if today you could take a few moments to call out on the Lord. Your prayer doesn’t need to be professional or polished, but rather, heart-felt and simple. A great prayer to pray is just this: “Lord, I need you today.”
Desiring His Presence,
Pastor John