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Here’s to Dreaming

Hello Friends,

This week the announcement was made that Extreme Makeover Home Edition would ambush the Oregon School for the Deaf here in Salem. It’s gonna be exciting to see the outcome of this wonderful project for a historic institution. I can feel a palatable sense of anticipation buzzing around our city right now. Actually, I’m just hoping to bump into Ty Pennington at Starbucks, and secretly, I’m expecting a call from him wanting to use my scooter for the show. Can you see it now: “Move that Vespa!”

Oh well, here’s to dreaming.

Speaking of dreaming…my son Jordan and I got a good laugh out of a crazy thought he had. He jokingly wondered about sneaking onto the school campus with the use of his American Sign Language (ASL) skills. He is quite fluent in ASL which would aid his grand scheme of blending in with the deaf students. His plan was to ignore the security with a simple shrug of his shoulders and a few hand motions. Phase Two of his mission was to put himself as close to Ty or the cameras as possible, and then let history takes its course!

I wonder if there are areas in our lives in which we are just “going through the motions.” Have you sneaked onto the set of Christianity by acting like a Christian without having a deep heart change? Perhaps you’ve mastered the externals; the visible aspects, only to ignore the internal transformational work of the Spirit. Too often, one can settle for a facsimile of someone else’s faith only to discover that they have nothing of their own.

Are you allowing Christ to consume you personally? Have you gone ALL IN with him or are you going through the motions?

At West Salem Foursquare we have been flipping through the Book of Acts and finding places in which we should go ALL IN…

…in our unity.
…in our giving.
…in our generosity.
…in our dedication.
…in our obedience.

To only “go through the motions” in these areas is nothing short of religion and legalism. We don’t want that. We want relationship and life change. We need an extreme makeover of the heart!

Blessings as you go ALL IN,

Pastor John

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