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Hello Summer

Today is the first day of June. Hello Summer (you are welcome here).
This is often the start of a 3 month season in which folks hit the road, rev up the boat, head to the coast, or do whatever summer-time activity makes up for the long, dreary winter.
I say:  have fun!
But in midst of whatever you end up doing, keep a few things in mind and close to your heart. These practical principles are not to be guilt-inducing nor relegated as religious tasks. They are life-giving and will keep you connected to Jesus during a time when many folks tend to “disconnect” from the things of God (believe me, I know and have seen it happen over and over!).
1.  Get the Word of God in you. 
Stick with your PAUSE Bible Reading Plan this summer. Each day only has a couple chapters of reading. If that’s too much, then lock in on one or two verses and allow the Word of God to get in you.  Another thought is to listen to the audio version of the Scripture while on a road trip or morning commute. So simple and so good!
2.  Don’t forsake meeting together.  
You can read this instructive command in Hebrews 10:25. Recent statistics tell us that the average American Christian attends church 1.7 times a month. In the summer time that number drops even further (as if it’s possible for it to drop MORE!). Stay connected to your church family through regular attendance, not because it’s religious, but because it’s right and rewarding. If you’re traveling the take advantage of our audio and video rebroadcasts online thorough our website or iTunes.
3. Give generously.
The ongoing work of the Kingdom through your local church in West Salem continues on through the summer, and in many regards, is more actively busy. Therefore it’s important to remember that your faithfulness in giving of tithes and offerings is so valuable to us and to the advancement of ministry. While on vacation this summer you can continue giving in a number of ways.  You can find out more at
4.  Draw close to Jesus and others.
My prayer for you is that over the next three months that you would find that your relationship with Jesus is stronger and more vibrant. May that be the same with your family and friends. We are created for community and closeness not for division and distance. So stay close to Jesus. Stay close to Jesus followers.
Many blessings,