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Fundamentals Win It

Greetings from Montana. For a number of years I’ve been a guest teacher at Youth With A Mission in Lakeside, Montana. I help returning missionaries readjust and reenter into “civilian” life! I love this week with young leaders in the Body of Christ. Although, I am really looking forward to being back in Oregon for a great time at this weekend gatherings.

I recently picked up a leadership book about Vince Lombardi, former head coach for the Green Bay Packers. I know that I’m a bit biased because of my Wisconsin upbringing, but the fact remains that

Lombardi was a first rate leader whose impact continues on to this day. His effectiveness is due in large part to his ability to stress and exemplify the fundamentals of football.

Check out what he says:

“Fundamentals win it. Football is two things; it’s blocking and tackling. I don’t care about formations or new defenses or tricks on defense. If you block and tackle better than the team you’re playing, you’ll win.”

Do you want to win at life?

Do you want to be an effective Christian?

Focus on the fundamentals. Period.

The Apostle Paul knew this well: “For I resolved to know nothing while I was among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.”

Jesus. The Cross. The Word of God. Prayer. Praise. These are some of the fundamentals.

We should never get bored with the fundamentals of the faith. Too many people would rather have their ears tickled by the latest and greatest fad or cute slogans. Let’s not succumb to that, rather, let’s stick to the things that really matter. Let’s focus on the fundamentals.