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Does Serving 24/7 Make You More Spiritual?

“I don’t believe you are truly spiritual if you are not serving.”
Last weekend at West Salem Foursquare I said these words from the pulpit.

It’s been fun hearing some buzz about that comment. I like stirring the pot up some. Getting folks to think. It’s good to have people ponder and ask the hard questions.

Now, does it mean that you have to be serving 24/7 in order to be spiritual? This is not an issue of the volume of serving. It’s an issue of heart. Too often we find Christians that want to absorb only. They are just spectators. Not participators in Kingdom advancement. They claim spirituality because of informational retention but lack practical application. Serving puts truth to work and produces spiritual muscle.

Consider Romans 12:11…”Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”

Zeal and fervor. These are words I can relate to. I connect them to other words such as passion, focus, energy and drive. I don’t feel as if I lack any of these on a consistent basis. I’ve been asking myself why I’ve seemed to maintain these characteristics over the years. The answer I concluded that I’ve chosen to serve the Lord. I think Romans 12:11 is the key to spiritual vitality: serving!

Fervor and zeal are connected to serving. It’s what keeps us fresh and focused outward and not succumbing to “navel-gazing!” When a person is serving the Lord then their eyes are on the prize rather than the situations and difficulties. Serving adjusts our gaze. It maintains our zeal and regulates our fervor.

You see, I believe it is possible to have both zeal and fervor without serving, but they will not be maintained over the long haul. They drop fast. They fade away. Our spiritual passion dies down when we stop serving because now our energies are expended on worldly pursuits, flesh fulfillment and/or selfish gain. That never helps us.

Serving however, builds up. It encourages fellowship. It generates creativity. It promotes selflessness. It’s Kingdom building. In a nutshell: it’s good for us!


Pastor John