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Three Questions for New Beginning

This last weekend at West Salem Foursquare I spoke a message entitled “Three Questions for New Beginning.” Hopefully you were able to gather with us for worship, teaching, communion and prayer, but if you were out of town then we invite you to listen online at or to download the message on iTunes.

The first question that God asked Adam & Eve in Genesis 3 is “Where Are You?”

This is an important question to ponder. The answer often doesn’t come easily because of our propensity to hide and run from the Lord. We can get clouded by our past or we will resort to familiar behaviors and patterns. Like the first humans, we too are sinful, shame-filled and separated from God. We each need the saving power of God, found in the person of Jesus, to bring us into right and restored relationships.

Not only do we have to wrestle with the “Where Are You?” question but the “Where Are You Going?” one as well. Like a person wandering in a large shopping mall, we are looking for the kiosk map that says: “YOU ARE HERE.” You know, the one with the little red dot, the one that represents us. Once we can find that “YOU ARE HERE” dot then we have a good start on where we are to go.

Over the next four weeks at West Salem Foursquare I am going to endeavor to put a red dot on the map. In doing so we can understand where we are. Then, by the grace of God, we can dream and get a glimpse of where we are going. I have been working on (and am fearfully excited to share) a series of messages that form what I’m calling…



  • I invite you to join with me in dreaming.
  • I invite you to join with me in reflecting.
  • I invite you to join with me in expecting.
  • I invite you to join with me in anticipating.
  • I invite you to join with me in moving forward…together.


Pastor John